Boris Johnson’s latest slogan. Yes, the discussions can’t go on much longer. The Tories have wasted 3 years. Theresa May’s deal was rejected time and time again by Johnson, Rees-Mogg and others in the party. We are all sick of it – it has paralysed the country and poisoned political life. However  “Johnson’s Brexit” will have a negative impact on most people in this country and cause the break-up the UK – it is totally unacceptable to the people of Northern Ireland (he has cynically dumped the DUP), Wales and Scotland. And Johnson’s Brexit doesn’t “get Brexit done” – it dooms us to years of discussions with the rest of the world and imposes huge costs on British businesses and the people in the UK – it is an empty slogan.

A negotiated Brexit is much more sensible than Farage’s “no-deal” but Johnson’s deal is almost the same as Theresa May’s  – most analysts say it is WORSE – and he rejected May’s deal several times. Even his sister says his hedge-fund backers will make billions. It should be no surprise that all the rich people pushing for Brexit have already taken out citizenship in other countries – rats leaving a sinking ship. If they really believed that Johnson’s Brexit is a good thing they would stay.

Labour’s approach much more sensible – negotiate a Leave deal with the EU and put it to a referendum within 3 months.

We all agree that there is a lot wrong with the UK – nearly 10 years austerity has caused many people severe problems and whatever the outcome of a new referendum these problems need to be solved – only Labour has the vision to solve them.