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Wards: Horton, Dane, Leek West, Leek North, Leek East, Leek South, Manifold, Hamps Valley, Ipstones, Bagnall & Stanley, Brown Edge & Endon.

Branch Officers:

Chair: Paul Powner
01538 373495 paulpowner@gmail.com

Vice Chair 1: Sue Webster
01538 381061 suewebster5760@live.co.uk

Vice Chair 2: Bill Cawley
07972 749312 williamcawley55@btinternet.com

Secretary: Anna Tatton
0800 2289 002 leeklabour1@gmail.com

Treasurer: Maureen Wiskin
01538 385799 mowiskin@uwclub.net

Membership Secretary: Hendy Armstrong
01538 308033 hendy.armstrong@hotmail.co.uk

Political Education Officer: Derek Tatton
01538 528178 derektatton@btinternet.com


Leek and District branch meets every 1st Thursday, at 7.30 pm in the Watson Centre (former Red Cross Room), adjacent to Norton House, on Southbank Street, Leek, ST13 5LS.

Minutes of meetings

Members can read minutes, here.