The Executive council of the Staffordshire Moorlands CLP consists of Officers, District and County Councillors, delegates from the three branches and delegates from affiliated organizations. (Plus the MP if we have one). The Property Officer (responsible for 25 Market Street) is ex-officio.

Chair Charlotte Atkins Leek Branch
Vice Chairman 1 (Membership) Darren Price Leek Branch
Vice Chairman 2 (Policy) Andrew Church Leek Branch
Secretary Jocelyn Morrison + Jo Darrant Moorlands South
Treasurer Andy Kidd Leek Branch
Women’s Officer Jenny Lingham Moorland South
Youth Officer Connor Brady Biddulph Branch
Campaign Coordinator Andy Darrant Moorland South
TU Liaison Officer Rob Whilding Biddulph Branch
Ethnic Minority Officer Mahfooz Ahmad Moorland South
Disability Officer Susan Webster Leek Branch
Auditor Paul Powner Leek Branch
Property Officer Paul Powner Leek Branch
Fund Raising Deb Price Leek Branch

All officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting and are nominated by Branches. If there is a post where there are no nominations, a nomination from the floor can be made.

Standing Orders are currently under review and will be made available when this process has been completed.

All organizations affiliated to the Labour Party, i.e. Trade Unions, Co-operative Society and faith groups, providing they are affiliated to Staffordshire Moorlands CLP are entitled to send a delegate to the EC. The delegate MUST however live within the Constituency.

Each Branch is entitled to send 2 delegates which are agreed at the Branch’s AGM.

The constituency sends 4 delegates to the County Party. Nominations are made from Branches and an election is held at the constituency AGM if there are more than 4 nominations

The EC meets on the second Wednesday of each month at Leek, Moorland South or Biddulph on a rota basis, except on the dates of the quarterly All-Member CLP meetings.



Members are welcome to attend the EC meetings, but for practical reasons must give prior notice of their wish to attend. Space in the office is limited and so a maximum of 4 people can be accommodated on a first come, first served basis.

Applications to attend the meeting must be made to the Secretary, Jocelyn Morrison at before Sunday midnight of the week before the meeting.