Most of us in the UK are not rich – we have to work to house, clothe and feed our families. We want our children to have a good education and for us and our parents to have a happy, healthy retirement without having to worry about money. We are the many.

The Conservatives don’t care about us; they went to public schools – just like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg. If they did care they would not have implemented austerity policies since 2010 that have cost us working families so much. They would not have done so much damage to the NHS. They would not have starved schools of funding.

But the most fundamental difference between Labour and Tories is that Labour voters care about the disadvantaged and poorer members in our society – Tories only interest is “me, me, me” and of course their hedge-fund friends who fund them and will make so much money out of a no-deal Brexit. A Brexit for which most of us will pay the price with debt soaring to 90% of national income – the highest since the 1960s.

The newspapers pour-out a constant stream of anti-Labour messages. The newspapers are owned by billionaires like Rupert Murdoch who really don’t care that most of us will be poorer.

“For the many, not the few” is not just a slogan it is an accurate statement of Labour’s policies all of which are designed to make life better for the many.

If you look past the scenery in Staffordshire Moorlands you will see that 25% of our children are living in poverty, care for the elderly is rated “unsatisfactory”, and “Johnson’s Brexit” will have a bad impact on our businesses.

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