You can be sure that fund raising for Labour has never been easier nor more fun –

From just £2 a month you will be entered into our exciting monthly prize draw. Half of everything we take is allocated to prizes and so the more subscribers we recruit the more cash there is to distribute. At present there is a monthly prize of £50 and a second prize of £10.

The rest of the takings are applied to party campaigning,  for forthcoming elections and campaigns, especially the County elections this year.

Over the years the 200 Club has already provided many thousands of pounds to fight elections, both local and national and so we have a tried and tested way of making money and we’d really appreciate your signing up as a member and encouraging other supporters to get involved too, as allowed by our SMDC licence.

When you join, to keep things simple we ask you to pay either by monthly standing order or to pay 6 or 12 months in advance by cheque of £12 or £24.

To join, please contact the CLP Secretary, Jocelyn Morrison: 01782 553037

– or, Download invitation letter (PDF), print it out and use the Application Form on the second page to apply by post.


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