Councillor Bill Cawley Annual Report Leek West March- Dec 2018

100% attendance of Planning and Health Scrutiny Meetings and SMDC Council meetings plus 3 Cabinet observed and Standards Board meeting observed re Cllr G Lockett
2 Training events attended re Planning
2 meetings of Local Plan consultation attended at Fire Station and Bowling Club over summer
Attended a Action West End meeting in November
Attended meetings of the Sport Council and Historic Building Trust
National litter pick up involvement around Retreat and Belle Vue in May
Councillor Initiative Fund allocated £500 to Running Club , Hockey and Rugby Club
5 “ 39 Steps” walks done in April, Late May/ June, July, September , Oct/ Nov covering 98% of Leek West
2 petitions completed in Grove St on traffic measures in Sept and Spring Gardens on guttering in Nov/Dec currently working through systems

Cases / Issues
1 Beggars Lane- Planning Issue- new planning application to be made
2 School Close- Traffic around Woodcroft School
3 Memorial to Zack Barker Westwood Rec- helped in publicity and contacting SMDC climbing frame erected July
4 Big Mill meeting with conservation officer Richard Tuffrey in April and Oct. Repair work on roof carried in autumn after 10 years of neglect . PRIORITY ISSUE IN NEW YEAR
5 Jubilee Terrace empty shed and garages and anti social behaviour attached . Action from owner on repair on buildings prior to enforcement action on owner
6 Issue raised on Homelessness strategy met with SMDC officer responsible for strategy. Monitoring re likely impact of UC
7 Raised issue of graffiti and rubbish dumping esp in regard to Britannia St ( Leek South) May Council meeting
8 State of fence to rear of St Edward School in Edgehill raised with school governor
9 Complaint about noise at time of World Cup at Prince of Wales pub – resolved after conversations with neighbours in Fernwood Drive and Charnwood Close
10 Complaint about tree in Fernwood – work to be carried out
11 State of pavement at Westwood Park Drive from 15- 47 . Photos of condition submitted to CC . remedial work agreed in Sept . PRIORITY ACTION ON ISSUE AFTER DELAY IN NEW YEAR
12 Pothole in Frith St repaired
13 Bin for dog waste at Westwood College installed
14 Street signs at Larches erected after years of delay
15 Alma St interest in purchasing play area land after problem with up keep of play area land re Larches – ongoing . PRIORITY ISSUE FOR NEW YEAR
16 Over grown tree in Hillcrest – work agreed to be carried out
17 removal of school crossing raised at September ward walk and involvement in campaign with Charlotte Atkins and Phil Taylor
18 Setting up road safety group in West end of town with Staffs Police
19 Contact Staffs Police re progress on assault in Field St in late May ( Leek South)
20 108 Bus route re Sainsbury contacted Aimees awaiting development
21 Help in putting a response for woman whose daughter with Type 1 diabetes has been denied access to monitoring equipment Cooper Close
22 TPO on tree in Curzon Rise visited complainant
23 Help with person threatened with bailiffs over Council Tax arrears
24 Signposted woman awaiting ESA appeal over rent arrears and council tax issues
25 Signposted woman with rent arrears after UC delay
26 Liaised with RBL and Council over procession route for Remembrance Sunday
Also written several letters to Post and Times on local issues and issues press releases

In the 9 months I have been a Councillor I cannot say I have had 100% success or have achieved everything. However I have moved a number of things such as the Big Mill on after years of neglect . The Larches street name was also a quick win . However I have fulfilled a number of the criteria that a Councillor should be about

1 Visibility – being seen around and approachable . Also responding to local issues through the media both old and new

2 Respectability I think that after recent events in the town with regard to Councillors the “ pillar of the local community” view is still important and that Councillors have a responsibility to act with that mantle on their shoulder and to act within accepted standards of correctness and decency

3 Responsiveness . Acting quickly is important as well . I think on the whole In have got back quickly

4 Tenacity . Some of the issues are not to be worked out over night so terrier like persistence is required

Bill Cawley (Leek West) – Annual Report