There was a strong turn out from Staffordshire Moorlands Labour for the rally against the County Council cuts on Saturday. Lyn Swindlehurst, our candidate for District Council who will be standing in Leek North in May reports back –


“In Stafford Town Centre yesterday for the Labour organised protest rally against the appalling cuts being driven though by the Tory controlled County Council.

Powerful speeches from local MP’s Ruth Smeeth and Gareth Snell MP, supported by Unite, GMB and the Fire Brigade Union.

These cuts are disguised as ‘austerity’. They are nothing of the sort. They are at the centre of a deliberate Tory policy to privatise the welfare state. Hospitals closed, essential services cut or scrapped, redundancies and zero hour contracts the norm.

If you want to join us in fighting these terrible cuts please sign the petition through the link below. Better still come and join The Labour Party!

Stafford Town Centre – Rally against the cuts